Cedar Wise Iron Strong

Welcome to a new way of looking at Cedar City, the beating heart of Iron County I call home. The winds howl across the sage in a place both rich in minerals and mysteries; in tailings of iron and in tales of iron resolve.

Iron County offers some of the purest iron ore in the world, for starters. Any Paiute Elder can tell you that the juniper trees and sage aren't managed by being seasonally burned anymore, so they have long since taken over the reeds and marshes of yesteryear. Instead of being the nesting grounds of migratory sea birds, the hills of Three Peaks are now peppered in tiny black pyramids of wonderful, heavy iron ore. Imagine, an entire hidden underground iron mountain over which ionized water washes far from thundering rains on calcite cliffs near Brian Head, all along our valley's metallic, sandy soils. What can we make from this incredible land? Change may be inevitable, yet choices remain optional.

If you have ever all-too-specifically wondered what living near an electrically-active iron mountain might do to the imagination of an artist, somebody might say look no further but I say keep exploring! Just let your empty bags hit the floor and fill them up on this inspired art, shaped by the radiant power of our legendary landscape. Feel free to discover for yourself how these unusual pieces can now offer you a new way to look at everything about you.

How might you let this idea expand your awareness of how you could already sense yourself choosing to move forward into creating a more beautiful day? (But only if you wanted to.)

Oh, and pay attention to the links in the product descriptions, if you are yearning to deepen your adventure.

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