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Chun Bu Kyung

Scripture of Heavenly Code

One Begins unmoved moving, that has No Beginning
One Parts to Three Crowns, while staying a Limit-less Mover
Heaven is the One that comes First
Earth is the One that comes Second
Human is the One that comes Third
One Gathers to Build Ten, and Infinite Forms Become Triads
Heaven gains Two to make Three
Earth gains Two to make Three
Human gains Two to make Three
Three Triads Make Six, and they Create Seven, and Eight
Nine comes there, and there comes a Turning
Three and Four Making a Circle
Five with Seven make One whole
Way-less is the way All Comes and All Goes
Features are Changing, and Change-less is the Maker
Divine Mind Is the Eternal Light, Looking toward celestial Light
Human Bears Heaven and Earth, and the three make One
One is the End of all, and No Ending has the One

Atonka offers ancient sight to the modern traveler who stops by her sanctuary space, no stranger to mysteries far long forgotten in history's mists therein.

These fine art postcards are made with 280gsm, fine art, giclée paper with exquisite detail and color. Enjoy high image quality with professional-grade paper that is sustainably sourced and recyclable. Available in two sizes: 6'' x 4'' and 7'' x 5''.

.: 280gsm fine art giclée paper
.: Available in two sizes: 6'' x 4'' (15.2cm x 10.1cm) and 7'' x 5'' (17.8cm x 12.7cm)
.: High image quality and detail
.: Glossy finish
.: Sustainably sourced and recyclable