Indigo Sessions - Essentials - Canvas Unisex Tank

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Indigo Sessions
As we enter into the age of Aquarius, the truth is upon us. Those with the ears to hear, and eyes to see will receive truth, healing, empowerment, ascension, love, and beyond.
As an Intuitive, Healer, Mystic, and Spiritual Life Coach my passion, and pleasure is to aid the cultivation of the New Earth. It is a deep calling to support the healing, and ascension with and of my sister's,and brother's.
The guests of Indigo Sessions are also here to aid in the great transitioning of the New Paradigm.They bring their love, their compassion, and their wisdom. Join us as we explore, and share in our true infinite nature of beauty, magic, wonder, and splendor. We are a soul family here gathering in love, for it is but one of our superpowers.