I Take Data & I Graph Things - Square Stickers

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7 Dimensions Behavioral Health - Celebrate Differences! We not only acknowledge that each learner is unique, but embrace it fully and project to the world that every learner deserves an individualized teaching program to achieve their maximum potential. Seven Dimensions recognizes that diversity in staff brings a broader range of skills, interests, and perspectives which strengthens our team.

About This Sticker:
You cannot go wrong with a classic square-cut sticker. The clean, crisp edges and elegant look make this a great sticker for your computer, window, or car.
- They are for indoor and outdoor uses
- There are four sizes to choose from. 
- Grey adhesive left side for white stickers
2x2" 3x3" 4x4" 6x6"
Width, cm 5.08 7.62 10.16 15.2
Length, cm 5.08 7.62 10.16 15.2