Extinction Park Ladies Perfect Weight Tee

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Extinction Park is a funny joke, but this isn't just a joke. It is a cautionary tale. Just like the movie that inspired this shirt, this is a warning of what can happen if we are not careful with how we use extinction in our practice as behavior analysts.

Extinction is a natural process, yes, but if you have ever experienced extinction (which most people have) you know it is not fun, extremely frustrating, and can do a lot of harm. Then we see things like extinction bursts and other negative effects. This is why, if extinction is to be used it should always be within a differential reinforcement contingency. It needs to be paired with teaching replacement skills when possible. It isn't as "easy" as just using planned ignoring, but we aren't in this for things to be easy. We are doing what we do because we care and we want to help the people we serve. Trauma-informed care takes work, and it is totally worth it!

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