Atonka - i-Ching Snow Flower - Indoor Wall Tapestry

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This extraordinary and convenient i-Ching tapestry is designed in collaboration with Atonka Ma of Nama Stay in Springdale, Utah, near Zion National Park.

This is from a fun collaborative project between Bobby The Alchemist and Atonka, and we hope you enjoy it.

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Atonka Ma 

A compass of boundless LOVE , endlessly giving to create new LIFE. By helping nurture the growth of her dream, Atonka endeavour’s to

inspire through living by example. In the soulful depth of her eyes she describes her way in the realization of: “ Being yourself holds the quintessence of all healing, language and heart knowings, at all levels of consciousness and understanding. By being who you are truly, it awakens all of you, it awakens the existence of life, where there is no beginning and ending, but a oneness of a complete embrace, where boundless love, energy and infinite sharing is possible. Atonka lives with her family in Zion National Park.

A custom wall tapestry is a surefire way to uplift any room’s aesthetics with a personal touch. This 100% Polyester wall tapestry comes with hemmed edges for extra durability while its mildew and water-resistant properties ensure years worth of decorating bliss. 

.: 100% Polyester
.: Water and mildew resistant