The Legend Masters Team

Brian Middleton is an explorer who happens to be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. With multiple degrees in education and significant experience in behavioralism, Brian's passions lay in exploring and understanding the world around him, and in understanding the people that make that world so rich and vibrant. An autist, Brian uses his neurology to drive his curiosity, and to cultivate growth and harmony in the world.


Robert Ennis studied anthropology at Moorpark Community College, fine art at Dixie State College, and illustration at Southern Utah University. He also spent about two decades making logos and products, and this naturally expanded into heraldry, personal marks and iconography. This was fed by his fascination with human thought and language, which is always symbolic in nature. He combines a love of these things into creating artifacts, which he intends to be re-discovered by some future civilization that doesn't even speak any of our known languages.