On demand printing: all sales final. Standard production time is 2 weeks. If you select free shipping options, delivery can take up to a month. We hope you enjoy our fancy products.

Legendary Services

We can make it.
Our site is currently specialized for selling our apparel and decor, mostly on a business-to-business basis. We make custom designs for facility staff, parties, dance teams, special team events and soforth.

We also offer expanded apparel services with screen printing shops to offer solid deals on much larger print orders. The real fun begins when all setup fees get waived at 72+ items of the same design. Let's chat.

We Design For You
We want to design the apparel you want to wear. Or, you can submit your own art for us to make for you.
Contact us at legendmasters@gmail.com to get started.

Equip Your Business
We also make excellent business cards, brochures, postcards, banners, catalogs, event booths, signs and flags, and promotional materials.

Unusual Gear Needed?
We love making unusual things: engraved brass plates with sacred geometries and aluminum cubes with personally-significant markings; professional development of game boards and vinyl game mats for your favorite tabletop games, custom cards and reward system, printed floor mats for mazes, and invent puzzles and animations. We work with CNC machinists and monument manufacturers. We've made challenge coins, paintings, portraits, technical illustrations, and book covers. Look, we can make things. Let's collaborate.

Warlock's Portfolio: www.WarlockTyrant.com

Hourly Rates
Our shop rate is $75/hr. Chit-chat is free up to thirty minutes (although we reserve the right to waive the fee beyond the half-hour mark). Billable time starts once our artists begin work on your project.

Contact us at legendmasters@gmail.com to get started.

Meet Our Team