Custom Brass Etchings

Would you like to commemorate your wedding, say, for this year’s anniversary? What about your child’s birth or baptism? That certificate would look even better duplicated into metal. How about a well-earned diploma? It would be even better in metal or stone, don't you think? What about an incredibly detailed bit of sacred geometry or a family crest on your new metal business cards? Whenever I hand mine out, people have an incredible experience.

Etched metal plaques and plates carry an immense weight of authority with them. My favored metal, brass, tends to pick up character over time without losing much detail, so it can convey authority and accomplishment.

How would you feel about seeing your family tree etched in fine details into a non-rusting metal, such as brass or aluminum? Sure, sure, it’s a nice piece of art, but why should you care? Well, think about the look of appreciation in your mother’s eyes when you hand her that etched family tree on her birthday. Not to pat yourself on the back, but you are probably her best accomplishment. A family tree on brass becomes something you can share with her and all the generations that came before and after. It’s hefty, but not overbearing.

If you or anyone you know has a family, these incredibly detailed metal works will help the memories last.

Let’s start with a conversation about your project. Do you wish to copy an intricate certificate onto metal, or would you like for me to roll up my sleeves and make a truly customized piece of art? Each of those has a purpose and a place.

What will it be? A plaque for the world’s greatest dad? What about a country-western themed brass plate etching of your dad’s accomplishments? It’s one thing to hand somebody a mug that says “Salesman of the Year”, but it’s an entirely different thing to have a mug that says “52 long nights, weekends, blood, sweat and tears.” It is not a mere changing in the phrasing, but in the meaning and scope of admiration, you see? Good. Let’s begin.

From tight vector designs to illustrious metal

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